Sunday, February 14, 2010

Middle School til you scream

[In the very small notation around the dashed line:]
A friend of mine asked for something like this [i.e. this blog]. I look for any excuse to write these days.

I'm about halfway through my hell month-and-a-half. Which sounds terrible that I include the time my folks were out here- their presence was a coincidence. I wish they were still here in fact, and their presence was, at worst, insanity-neutral. Sure having to spend all of my off time showing them around was a little tiring (though- I reiterate, still enjoyable), but their Dario-sitting services were wonderful, as was the fact that Carla's family had to be on their best behavior while my folks [were here] , they saved me headaches that way as well. The hellacious part is mainly the copious amounts of work I have right now. For example, on Monday I work from 8 am until about 9:15 pm with only about 90 minutes to myself. By the end of the month things will mellow out again as a lump of 21 hours/week of class will fall off [my schedule] all at once.

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