Friday, September 28, 2012

A false alarm of activity/warning of eventual upcoming somethingness

Behold! The blog doth speak!

Well, don't get your hopes up too high, it won't be that interesting. I mostly just realized I never bothered to make a link from my blogs to the website I've created. It's for a cigar shop, and the hook (gimmick?) for the shop is I've gone out gathered cigar reviews from blogs and forums to try to create a reasonably comprehensive guideline for potential customers. Sort of like what Amazon did with customer reviews, only I don't really have any customers right now, so I thought it best to go find reviews already out in the public domain. But I thought as long as I was pimping out my personal blog, I might as well at least put up a teaser of a preview of might be expected to come on these here pages. Someday.

Last summer was a time of a few important changes in my life. Well, at least three (of varying importance) come to mind. One, I became a pluri-papa. My second boy Lorenzo was born. Fortunately for him, he is genetically constrained to be awesome. Second I began work on the aforementioned website. I spend basically all day reading about how great the new Fuente or Padron is, and even though I haven't smoked a cigar in about 15 years, this job has been making me rethink this period of abstinence. If I do restart, I'll probably be one of the few people in the world with the reverse-Cuban-embargo blues. Cuban cigars are still illegal in the US, so it's hard to separate their reputation for being the best being due to their quality or their relative unavailibility. On the other hand, here in Europe, Cubans are literally the only cigar that can be found. And even if Cubans are better, I'd actually prefer the non-Cubans for "business" reasons. Oh well. 

Anyhow, fret not, this blog is not about to become a cigar discussion blog. My expectation is that this blog space will eventually be dedicated to something much racier, more sinful, and downright computational: Economics. The third and final personal renaissance I experienced in the summer of '11 was that I began to gorge heavily at the trough of Economics articles around the web. Naturally, one cannot read this many articles without forming one's own opinions. And by opinions, I naturally mean that I'm pretty sure I understand this impossibly complex field more than anyone else in the world. But like any other armchair/ivory tower economist, despite being convinced of the rectitude of my arguments, I am neither able to force the pureness of my knowledge upon others, nor even find a way to prove the superiority of my policy proposals. Indeed, it would be impossible to prove the perfection of my policy even if I were allowed to justly impose any policy I wished as there is simply no way to test for a control in an Economic "experiment." Oh, Econ, you foul mistress! 

One of these days then I will commence in distributing, at no cost to you my dear reader, all the Economic knowledge one could ever need. Which is to say, I will whine and cry incessantly that the world isn't run more in the way that my completely biased and hopelessly underinformed hunch suspects it should be run.

Really. I've even got the start to a few articles in the can. It'll happen one of these days...