Monday, January 19, 2009

What exactly...

I like exact. I like logic, and clean answers. But that's how I classify, not how I produce. This blog will probably focus mainly on two topics that philosophers have grappled with for ages: Basketball and politics. Bear with me, that statement could only be made couched in the language of a bad joke. Those happen to be the things that I think a lot about lately. The basketball thing could be tough after I move to Italy.
So I may try to rigidly structure these posts, so as to spare my non-sport loving readers the tedium of scrolling past a long-winded analysis of a bunch of sweaty guys in tank tops.
In truth, at this moment I have a lot to say about Basketball, and not much else. But I expect to write about the not much else frequently, I'm just not too sure yet what form it'll take, or if it'll have any form at all.
After sleeping on it, I'll spare the uninterested from the basketball altogether. Blogs are cheap, I just make another one.


  1. The entire blogging community demands more posts from A-Pac!!!

  2. I'd like a blog and tonic, please.

  3. Andy--I also have much to say about basketball and politics. I look forward to reading much more. So let's get this thing rolling, homes!

  4. Brandon-
    Hmm, rolling it has not been. The basketball I've kind of been on, check out my other blog here. This blog... I find excuses. I naturally wonder a little moth-style at times toward whatever light catches my eye. I'm gonna try to shift back a little light over here if I can.