Saturday, April 10, 2010

Incremental improvement- that's my goal!

I spy a keyhole. [True story]

Even though I generally try to avoid confronting such things, decision-time is coming soon. Decisions when it comes to work are something I've typically left to inertia and fate. In other words I don't make a decision and I sit back and wait for the next big thing to stumble upon me. I can't say this policy has been a total failure, but it's produced mixed results at best. I have to admit it's a tempting choice at this juncture of my life as well. This time it would mean hoping the aforementioned job at my friend's company comes through, with the status quo (teaching) as the alternative should the job not come through.
The alternative to not deciding is to start pounding the pavement and sending out resum├Ęs.

The Pro-decision case: Well, frankly the merits of being proactive and job-hunting are fairly obvious. Normal [people] do this kind of thing all the time.
The Pro-Leave-It-to-Fate case: This side usually has the day with me; but this time it can actually make a decent argument provided indecision doesn't mean inactivity.

What that means:
A) I feel this job at my friend's is worth waiting for. Honestly. It's the kind of position I was [already] looking for in the type of company I [already] wanted.
B) If I am still teaching next year, measures must be taken to improve my pay- i.e. organize private lessons outside my school.
This may be a passive choice (sitting back and hoping a job is foisted upon me) but it mustn't be a lazy choice. Private lessons pay 2x as much as my school pays me, so even a few hours a week on my own could make a big difference. And let's say there's even a:
C)I want to give some serious thought to an idea I hatched some time ago for creating a business. I know exactly what I'd like this business to offer: a tour of an Italian area doing what locals consider worth doing. Without getting to into it, let me explain it like this: Watch an episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations on the Travel Channel. He inevitably will have some local show him his idea of "the sights." I basically want to sell that experience. There are lots of issues about the feasibility of such an exercise, but I probably have enough contacts to find someone who can give me answers to the questions I have or at least give me enough info to make an informed decision. Like I said, it Decision-time.

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